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     Every good story begins with a captivating one. But this one begins with the truth. Living in New York City Is not what many people in vision it to be. It’s not all lights and fashion, couture ,luxury and great dinning. New York is a city filled with bridges that lead to all different types of doors, doors that hold other pathways before reaching a definite location. A definite location which will never hold what you believe is in store.  So why even walk and want to experience all aspects of what this city has to offer? As New Yorkers we believe there is nothing about this place we haven’t seen, or know where it is. As Tourist we think every square inch is a marvelous discovery of what this worlds has to offer. a
This City holds so many secrets, desires, and ambition. All which eventually lead to the same thing a search for what life is all about. A search for what we believe we were born to do. A search for a reason not to feel as if we are just a waste of space, which we are not. You see it took me 18 years which sounds like nothing; to figure out that simply by searching for a purpose we have one. By having a desire to “change the world” We are already adding one possibility to the endless. By this I mean we are doing what we want to because, by realizing we can not do it all we learn from out mistakes and do what we are really meant to. So give everything in life a try. A secrets affair in the City, a drink they told you never to try, wear a dress many people say its to short for you, travel alone and see what a wonderful company you  are to your self. Do the impossible because nothing really is possible unless you try over and over again.

July 21,2013

Our day to day experience will always make us grow. They will make us grow in to the person we will be next day or they will make us grow in to the idiot who actually had no “lesson to learn”but decided to go with it. Well where my experience have brought me is to a place of true happiness a place where I can be comfortable, a place in which I learn who I really am. And the only way I can do this is by not knowing nothing at all. By breathing in and out and observing where I have gotten. 
Many of the few friends I have, are all living a life of fallacies. Why exactly I’m not sure, but at the same time I understand. They have decided to live a life according to someone else’s experience. That will never help. All I can say is my actions. But I think are their life really fallacies or just there definition of happiness. Every one has a cross, they just need to learn how to carry it. 

July 24, 2013 
Living on the basic of what is not so basic at all I realize, one of the most fascinating things in life is the smell of an Ashland Candle. One particular smell would be 5th Avenue.. As I sit and write this post, I cant help but to think of what went throw the creators mind while making this candle. The color is a nice aqua with hints of grey- something like a seashell or the color of the river. I can’t help but to think of a candles true definition, where they created to lighten up the world before electricity, where they the accident of a future hopeless romantic. To me candles are to a book what sunnies are to an outfit the perfect accessory. I can no longer imagine my self reading The Best of me By Nicholas Sparks , or writing in my journal or blog with out a lit candle. None the less I also can’t help but to think; are these candles just here to distract me.. the smell the atmosphere they create. They transport me from the reality of what I really want to express. Guiding me throw a path of dreams and unrealistic positions. So next time you enjoy something so much, as I enjoy my candle first ask your self. ” Do I love this because of how it makes me feel and if yes how does it make me feel, if not then whats the point?” 

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