True Colors

I never imagined myself writing about Trump. But how can I not if he has brought with him a new wave. THE LOUD MOUTHS. It’s no surprise we know a few Celebrities who have never been afraid to voice their opinion on instagram or Twitter. Cardi B started making small videos unique to her personality and made a name for her self. Chrissy Teigen has 10.6 million followers on twitter ( me being one of them)yet has some of the most controversial and awesome tweets. Rapper 6ix9ine has people asking whats up with the skittles head but really his doing the same as the president hyping up the mass.

Over the past few years voicing your opinion has become much more. People are showing their true colors and blaming it on being able to express themselves. A small percentage occasionally blames mercury retrograde. I hope they know what that really means. These celebrities are doing one thing living a big reality show and we love watching it.

The reality however is much darker. People are finally showing their true colors. They are amused by their freedom of speech and know they will get away with it. Nowadays I cannot open my social media without watching a hate video. Just this morning writer and Activist Shaun King shared a video of an Asian man owner of a beauty supply violently hitting a women across the face. Did he feel he was entitled to because he was a business owner and she was an African American women? Im pretty sure he did. He knows people are going back to openly expressing disgusting ways of thinking. He knew other would support his action against and African American.

On the Daily White men and women are calling the police on Innocent people, many educated doing nothing wrong. They are not afraid to voice their opinion. After all, that thinking did get the president elected. Pedophiles no longer hide in secret as they are being endorsed. It’s as if you openly express what you do its not a problem. Women do anything as long as the hashtag girl-boss comes after. Why? Because everyone is showing their true colors. Everyone has an opinion that they feel entitled to share with the world.

If you have a snap chat you automatically become someones morning news documenting a fight on the subway. If your quick enough you might even catch a glimpse of your neighbor throwing away his trash. Just the other day I experienced this on the train. I took the one train in 125th and next to me was this young guy. You know the one that takes his backpack everywhere and has two environmental friendly water canisters but is still drinking iced coffee from a plastic cup. Well, Mr him was sitting next to me and across there were two hispanic ladies in their late 40s heading to work. Mr Him decided it would be ok to snap chat a picture of the ladies ( they looked tired). Well, WHY DOES HE THINK THAT IS OK? What gives him the authorization to violate someones privacy for his own social media gain. What mass is he trying to hype? I think about it and I get upset at myself for not standing up for them.

This is hypocritical thinking of me. The screen that takes pictures of women sleeping on the subway is the same one that can be used tp record someone being treated injustice. The problem I have with this is a percentage of the time the recording is never done with the intention of getting justice. But to get views.

We live in an era were everyone is an influencer but no on is really teaching anything. People want to show their most “honest version” version of themselves and only end up showing their hate for color, women, the poor, or someones sexual orientation. They want to show the vacation they took but not the men who back it up or work it took. So we are living in a reality were everyone is showing their true colors but we are still blind.

let’s take this opened window of flying opinions to see things for what they really are. Just people talking. Take what you can say and put value on it. Never taking away from someone else growth or who they are. The saying is true, what you say about someone else says more about you than it does about them..




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