Mental Health

Listening to your body

The capacity our mind and body has to protect us is amazing. Our mind is just as powerful when telling our bodies what it needs. This is something I have learned from personal experience. The problem is my body has a funny way of showing it’s in need of change.

  • I fall asleep and wake up in the middle of the night with the sensation I’m dropping from the heights roller coaster
  • I become anxious
  • Because I’m anxious I think I’m having a heart attack
  • Because I feel like I’m having a heart attack i can not concentrate on my work
  • Therefore I fall back on class work and my actual job.
  • Everything becomes chaos.

The good thing is it doesn’t last long because I have learned to listen to my body. I have suffered from anxiety for many years starting in 7th grade I had my first panic attack in the school elevator. I have learned that my anxiety comes from the fact that changes need to be made. It can be something as small as stoping the habit of drinking coffee. Or changing careers. My body knows what environment is best for me, and knows what I can and can not handle. I have learned to not play the strong girl act at all times. If i have to stop something for my wellbeing than I have to stop it.

What has been happening to be goes back to my  last article Finance and Mental Sanity. I knew my job was giving me anxiety and depression so I did something about it. I started feeling better then I fell right back in to the same trap just a different name. So maybe the problem wasn’t the job it was me. Its hard to have so many goals and ambitions and feel as if they are stuck on the back burner until you make the bosses dreams come true. Call me selfish but I want to think about myself first, and my body knows it.  My mind keeps me up at night thinking of new inspirations my heart starts racing in the middle of the day because its looking for a way to escape into greatness.

I have also had to learn how to listen to my body in other ways. Changing my eating habits, morning routines, and overall way of thinking and talking with in my self.

There is so much more I want to say about this topic and I will be in upcoming post. These upcoming post are a direct response of me listening to my body. I know I need to express myself in a way that others can understand that whatever they are feeling they are not alone.

Stop and listen. Get in touch with your inner self. In a quite room or the first five minutes when you wake up. Only you know what you need so be truthful with yourself.

Below is a video I made the other day as I went to the river to mediate.. I will also be uploading more video content on YouTube to go along with the mental health series..

Hope you enjoy…


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