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Money gives us all heartaches, headaches and in my case ANXIETY. We worry about how we are going to get the money and then when we have it we worry about how we are going to spend it.  This is not always a bad thing. In all reality worrying about money means you care enough to do something about it. The problem comes when you start worrying so much it starts to affect your mental sanity and causing you to feel scared of it. This is exactly what happened to me.

I was working a job that I believed I loved, but really I was just feeling comfortable avoiding my true feeling and just pushing all thoughts of “another” job to the back on my head. I was making just enough money to pay my bills and have a little more for “fun”. As a college student who paid no rent that was good enough. The paychecks were constant as were the bruch dates and the credit card swiping. It got to the point where I was spending more than I made simply because i knew there was going to be another paycheck in 15 days. All this happening I was placing myself in a bubble of debt and money signs.


My Anxiety was growing so fast that every morning I would have a small panic attack. I no longer had any type of connection to my job but I couldn’t let it go because I didn’t know how to. Until i hit a breaking point and realized I was letting money be the main focus of my life. Then one day I woke up and I just quite. Quitting my job was the one of the hardest decision of my life yet one of the easiest.


But before actually saying  I can not do this anymore I thought about a few lesson I had to learn to take care of my financial mental sanity.


1.Do NOT compare your financial situation to that of a co worker. (or anyone)

I would sometimes question and beat myself up asking does this person make more than me? How come they are always at brunch or why is his car newer than me?

It was as if I was playing a game of catch up all by myself. The problem is there was no game. And yes they were making more money than me because they worked harder and longer hours. Sometimes we are so blinded we miss those key facts.


  1. 2. Do NOT make it a habit to check the #s in the morning

What number you’re asking? Well check account balance, saving balance my all time favorite credit scores and we can add weight to that as well. Of course it is very important to keep track of spending especially if you are living paycheck to paycheck. But the amount won’t be any different if you check it at noon or right before you leave the house. When you make it a habit to check the numbers first thing in the morning you’re setting your head up to think about money all day long. Instead take those 10 minutes and think about your goal for the day, you can mediate our you can just sit still. It will surprise you the wonders a quiet mind can achieve.


  1. Do NOT stay at a job you hate… It’s going to cost you more than you think.

I stayed at my job for longer than I wish I had because I appreciated my boss, because I had never had any other job, because I made myself believe I couldn’t do anything else or couldn’t find anything else. Because I got so comfortable it got scary. I actually made myself believe all of this.


Anxiety is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Many people do not understand this unless they have been through it. So I felt ungrateful writing this or even thinking about not working just because it was affecting my mental health. I thought about all the people who wished they had a job or the people who have terminally ill diseases. My problem where about not handling my money correctly..But at the end of the day they were my problems and they were making me sick. I am beyond happy I took a step back analyzed my situation and just decided to quite. This one word gave me the opportunity to see the amazing endless options this world has to offer me. I know this might not be an option for someone going through the same things as me and it sure is not the best financial decision I can offer someone. But when it comes to money it is important to learn how to live with it and make due without. At the end of the day only with a clear mind can someone know the steps to take to make more.

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