And your life Purpose is?

What’s your purpose many people will ask you in your lifetime. Very view want to hear the actual answer but nonetheless are still curious. I have  mixed thoughts on why people love to ask questions like these but I  came to the conclusion that we as humans are so just curious beings. There is a fulfillment we get when we know other have a plan because it gives us hope for our own life. But on the other hand there is also a fulfillment we get when other don’t have their shit together either.  It give is the feeling of almost security that “Hey! I they are doing  worst than me”. The person who denies either of these thought is just lying and won’t accept the simple fact that humans are  imperfect and in their trial and error and hopefully perseverance of life sometime can feel envy.


The problem comes when we stay in that mind set for to long. Not only are navigating away from the simple fact that a purpose does not have to be the same for everyone. We are allowing an emotion to control our live that has ZERO positivity and plays no role in anything productive.

What we need to do is take a step back next time anyone ask us  any one of these questions, or similar,

What’s your purpose in life?

What do you inspire to be?

How many goals do you have?

How are you getting to that point?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

There is nothing wrong with answering these questions but giving a specific answer or getting stuck in the process of answering it can really have a toll on someone’s anxiety and emotional state of mind for the following reason.

  1. Not knowing the answer
  2. You just feel  completely lost at the moment
  3. Feeling as if the answer you give needs to be what the person asking it wants to hear
  4. Putting up a facade just to appear “smart” or “put together”
  5. You might honestly not even care about it… until they brought it up
  6. You might be focusing on another part of your life.
  7. The person who asked you the question might be a potential employer
  8. The person who asked the question might be one who appears to have all the answer to life, so you feel embarrassed of your personal milestones.


So what should we do?

Listen to what they are telling you and take a step back, don’t be afraid to not have an immediate answer. Think about the context this question was asked in. Does the person that is asking you really have the best intentions for your future? Do they really care? Or do they know that if you answer it you will be left in a vulnerable position? And know that it is perfectly fine to say “ I rather not answer that right now but I am working on every aspect of  my life to make me better than I was yesterday”.

And if you do decide to answer, be truthful to yourself and don’t just say I plan on being a small business owner, helping people or becoming the CEO of a major company because you want to seem above it. Doing this will only hurt yourself.

So if you have your shit together great!! Keep on reaching the next level. If you believe that you don’t have your shit together, than just know you’re actually very wrong. You are just working on your own perfect time. So don’t look at the person’s life next to you with an envious eye because they reach one of the MANY finish lines before you, but use that energy to move faster in your own direction. Know that you have a purpose, they have a purpose I have a purpose. We all have a goal or a dream. The beautiful thing is not one in the Universe is the same. We are all different beautiful humans with the capacity of limitless options.


Tiffany Mora  <3

2 thoughts on “And your life Purpose is?”

  1. Very insightful and raw post Tiffany! I especially liked how you didn’t bullshit about the subject, because a life without purpose is, in fact, just that. I know it can be a complicated process of discovery, having gone through it myself – and finding myself in a deep depression in the process. When I finally surfaced from that, and figured out what I was meant to do, it re-energized and awakened me in indescribable ways. Everyone needs to experience that. It’s the best way to find fulfillment in life.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time and reading. And I completely agree everything is a process but going past it all an emerging completely different is the best part of the journey. Looking forward to reading your post!

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