The Little Black Car

Six Years ago today I was gifted my first car. I still remember the day my mother told me” Tiffany would you prefer a car or a sweet sixteen” I honestly couldn’t believe I was given that option.  The summer before I had learned how to drive in the Dominican Republic. My father was teaching me stick but after I crashed his truck into a construction site we moved to automatic. But the day my mother gave me the choice she was also giving me something else. Her trust. She was giving me the city. Options that weren’t confined to a train or a bus. She was also giving me responsibility. Unfortunately I still was not aware of that.

My birthday was approaching and my mother gave me a budget. She said we I had $4500 to get a car and register it.  She would take care of the insurance every month (something else i wasn’t aware of). So I looked all over the internet “cheap cars near me” was my on my google search for about 4 week straight. Then one day i found it. I found the car i was looking for. It was as black as obsidian and in one piece. And the best part it was only $3800 i was under by budget. Maybe my mother would allow me to keep the extra hundreds, hey after all I needed a few new outfits for my new car. The car was in a decent  dealership in  Hoboken New Jersey. I made an appointment the day before to make sure they would be opened. On the day my mother, neighbor, boyfriend at the time and I  arrived early. You know the feeling you get when you something that can change your life for ever in front of you.  Well that’s what i felt when I saw my 2001 BMW 325i.

I knew nothing about cars at the time. It took me these years to  learned there are two different types of oils that need changing in a car. So when the Dealer tells me the car is in good condition of course I agree, i just wanted my car. So it was a deal! My mom signed the papers and the deal was closed. On our way back to the city my neighbor luis who was the one  driving MY car back to the city stated he feels something off with the brakes.  I paid no mind to that in my mind i just wanted it to be the next day so i can drive to school.

The excitement i had for my car didn’t last longer than 8 months. I got  tired of moving my car side from one side to another. I got tired of asking my mom for money for gas, I grew bored  and annoyed of the stupid check engine light that had no significance to my life. Everything about the car started irritating me. I guess that says more about my personality than the car being that it’s just an object. But to my defense I was also young.  To this day i remember telling my mom I no longer wanted the car just as i remember the day she handed me the keys. She told me I had commitment issues. (more on that on another post). She was able to get  about $2500 for the car from a group of guys who stated they buy and sale old cars and make them new. A dominican version of pimp my ride.

The point of this post is not to make me seem like a brat but the contrary. The entire experience of having this car showed me that everything in life happens for a reason. That small car brought so much to life that just temporary happiness.

1.The day my mother and I went to insure the car i made a bold move and asked the Agent if there was any way I could go and work for free. I was just interested in doing something in my spare time. She took my number and called me a few days latter. She gave me an internship at the Agency. I was officially hired with the same week. She stated I worked harder than her employees. I loved being there the girls were interesting, always looked pretty and i was getting paid cash. No more need to ask my mom for cash for gas. That simple question changed my life forever. I still work in the same agency no longer as a simple intern or in charge of  customer service but as a fully licensed salesperson.

2.During month 5 of the little black car I lend it to my boyfriend at the time. He was going to fast and bumped something in the streets. To this day details are not cleared. He managed to break the entire radiator in the car. One thing with BMW is that no matter how old any part will be very expensive. It was going to cost about $380 to fix it.  My mother wouldn’t allow me to pay for it. She made sure he fixed it and left the car in perfect condition. During the time I felt she was taking advantage of him. I later found out the one being taken advantage of was me.

3. I learned who had good intentions for me. My friends from school looked at me and wonder who i was having sex with that i had a car. Yes, people are sick and never ask questions just assume.

This car gave me the opportunity to have a job that I now consider a career. It opened my eyes to a very unhealthy relationship, It allowed me to learn how impulsive I am , how i had no clue how to manage cash, it also got me thinking i should’ve taken the party. Above all i learned not to regret my decisions. That beautiful obsidian BMW taught me that every single thing in life happens for a reason, each action we take opens the door to our future. When we think everything is going wrong the universe is just setting things in action, keeping the balance.

Where is the car now…

The little black car went through two more owners. The first group of guys who bought it off my mom. And the guy they ended up selling it to. Neither had good look with little obsidian. A few years ago my mother received a letter that  stated they found a lost black bmw and was in an impound in brooklyn ( I guess she missed me).  They contacted her since she was the last official registered user. We both laughed and decided to ignore the letter.


I forgot to mention the car also taught me how value my mother 100 times more.


By the way we can thank facebooks “on this day” for the long post.






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