My end of the year realization

On December 31st millions of people spend thousands of dollars on champagne and new outfits to bring in the New Year. They then spend  money on gym memberships, fitness plans, cars,etc. These new puchases go hand in hand  with a New Years resolution. Now what really is a New Years resolution.. 

New Years Resoultion: a few non reachable “goals” we set for our selfs because it makes us feel better as the humans we are, and a few small ones we know we can cross out the list the first month..

This is all done with the intention of new year new me. Now I’m all for reinventing and wanting to become better. That’s what my life is about. But what I am is tired of setting these non human goals and being so hard on my self when I don’t come throu. 

Every year my mom and I write down our 12 resolutions and eat 1 grape after saying it out loud right before the clock hits 12. But that paper only makes it to January 15th ,February if it’s lucky. I guess I have commitment issues( or maybe im just human). So instead of sitting down and thinking about all these things I want to accomplish I sat in silence and thanked my self for working so hard in 2016. I realized I had done more than I expected and even though I could have always done more I am in the place I need to be at this very moment. The only resolution I could think about is to be more understanding with my self. To love me and acknowledge all that I have done and will continue doing. Now I don’t want to sound like a conceded narrsasist I just want everyone who has resolutions to put self love as number one on the list, because this realization didn’t come easy to me. 

Just a few day before December 31st I had one of the worst melt downs I ever experienced. More on the later..

 During that meltdown I learned how to take it easy and realized that even though some of the steps I am taking are small they will get me to the destinations as long as I am consistent. So this year instead of saying I will travel to 3 countries lose 30 lbs, have an extra $5000 in my savings, and learn how to love everyone just how they are;I’m focusing on the small “how to actually get there goal”. 

The way that I am doing this and you can do it to is by setting small monthly Goals that will eventually lead to the bigger one. 

Now I know many people are good with saying I will do this and actually do it. Unforuntantly I am not one of them and I have learned that and because I acknowledge it I know what works for me. So if you are one of the spontaneous ones just give yourself the number one resolution to love yourself and everything you do. Then just go month by month, each month giving yourself a new small goal that will help you achieve whatever it is you want. 

Don’t take self love for granted, for self love brings in all we really need,

  • You eat better and work out because you cherish your body which leads to weight loss.
  • You start spending less money on vanity objects and following  trend because you feel comfortable in your own skin..leading to saving money 
  • You start loving  other the same way.. leading to less headaches 
  • You start believing in yourself more..leading to actually getting things done.

So if you wrote down your resolutions and are afraid you won’t actually keep them don’t feel shame, it’s part of being human just write a new one down and put it on your fridge or frame it and put it in your night stand. 

I have it as an alarm every 3 hours….



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