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So I have titled this post “WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO #1”, simply because I think I have figured out a couple reason on why I sometimes do what I do, and I thought, hey maybe others feel the same way.  I want to look closely at some of the decision we make in the moment when we should be doing something and decide to do something completely different.

Have you ever found  your self doing one million things at a time? extremely overwhelmed? And out of the million things in your mind not one of them is what your suppose to be doing or thinking about. YES, well it happens to me to. I either need to read a new book, paint my nails, play with Noah, plan for tomorrow, plan for the week, plan for  the year (more on my obsession with planning on a later post), watch the new episode of Black Lists, worry about my lower back pain, re arrange all my drawers, etc. Yet all this time what I really needed to be doing is maybe studying for school, or studying for my job.

Why do we do this? I like to think it is a form of denial of the real issue. Many times we have things that we need to actually prioritize and really do not want to. There for we look for excuses and smaller things to actually get done. Yet this is actually hurting us more than we believe. At the end of the day we are still going to have to make that Doctors appointment or Finish that Paper. So Why not just get it over with.

I know its Easier said than done. And the only reason why I am writing this post is as a way of self mediating. I actually just realized I do this way to much.  For instants now, I should be finishing up some homework, I honestly do not want to, so my brain tells me my blog needs me. In reality I know that if I had finished my Home work and written this post after I would have felt much better about my self.

So I will be conducting a small self study. Every time I catch my self doing anything out of impulse or “fun” I’m going to stop. Catch my breath and ask myself “what am I avoiding and is there something I need to be doing right now?”

Do not get me wrong having fun or doing things out of impulse can sometimes be rewarding or adventures. But at the end of the day it feels way better to get done what ever is on top of the check list first.

Tiffany <3

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