Talking in silence, or not

This morning I woke up with a sense of renewal. It seems like my body had gone on a trip while I slept and brought back only light and positive energies. My son still sleeps, and I have time to write. Perfect.

To top things off I have had some sort of epiphany. (If we can call it that)

While on instagram this morning I came across a quote by David James Lees “Be mindful of your self-talk. It’s A Conversation with the Universe”. There is so much power in this simple quote. This touches me the most because these past few days all I have been doing is self talk. It’s sometimes the only solution or the only thing we can do. But we never realize we are never talking to our self we always have someone listening. Our Universe.


What can we do about this? Erase all Negative thoughts from our mindset. It is very easy and I know from personal experience to talk down about our self to our self. There have been times when I have been given an opportunity, and as soon as it’s given to me I start to dwell on it and constantly talk down and say I can not do it. The crazy thing is out loud I say yes! I will do it and I will be great. But the conversations I have with my self are never content or positive. Just negative thought saying “ I cannot finish, what did I get my self in to, I will never be good enough”.   And sure enough I do not get it done on time, maybe I do not get it done at all, or if I do get it done the quality is very mediocre.


If I want any one to get anything out of all I said it would be careful what you tell your self. Your thoughts are the most powerful thing you have. Just imagine how much one can achieve if we constantly have positive thought about our self or our future, If we do not put a limit on what we can or can not do. The possibilities are endless, with a bit of self-love.


Tiffany <3


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