Like many things in life, I can say mother hood came naturally. July 3rd, 2014 was the day I was born; it was the day I realized who I actually am and what I will forever be willing to do.   My Son was born July 3rd, 2014 at exactly 5am . Being only 20 years old I had no idea what I was getting my self in to.  And I’m pretty sure neither did Chris. I know many young girls who get pregnant and aren’t married like in my case and they feel lost, they have so many questions not knowing what will happen; and having the feeling like life as they new it will no longer be. But if there is one ting I can say is I would not trade the feeling my son gives me for nothing in the world.
 Now that my son is here with me and healthy I can get back to one of the things I love the most, my blog. It took me about three months too even want to get dress again but hey we have to start somewhere.

Shirt: forever21 
Pants: Marshalls 
Flats: target 
Scarf:Philip Lim 
BackPack: Vintage 
Sunnies: Oscar De La Renata

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