Positive Day

So a day like today has been by far one of the most memorable days of my life. No i was not proposed to nor did i meet prince charming. Im going to share a bit of why its was all so special.

So I wake up like any other day ready to conquer the world and exceed in my Philosophy Class. However the night before I had the worst migraine if my life, and if you get migraine you know what the full package is. So back to today morning, As I am walking to school I notice I am literally hearing my heart beating, trying to beat out of my heart and throw all my body.  I walk one hill and I feel it; As I walked the other hill I notice there was something going on. Walking in to my favorite deli to get My usual Rasine Bagel with cream cheese and Strawberry jelly accompanied by a warm extra tall cheap Deli coffee , I notice I was feeling out of place. The beating was getting faster and now I was seeing double of everyone ad everything around me. Witch was not all that bad seeing that the Deli was full of Extra handsome and manly construction workers all in their mid twenties. So I did what any one in my position would have done I ran out of the store. Well I walked and very slowly with out my coffee with out my bagel I did get a bottle of water. Out of the store now looking all over Amsterdam I walked in to Subways. Where I decided to just sit down for 10 minutes and rethink what just happened. My heart beat slowly decreasing its pace. I garbed my self together.

So yeah this does not sound so good but what was so wonderful is I overcame it.

I walked home missed class and called out of work. I diagnosed my self with either having a very weird almost hard attack, an anxiety attack, or just an episode of life.

Well the only medication I could have had in case it was any of the above was to clean my room.
yeah what good did that do.. It did a lot. I now know I have 4 lace bras instead of one. AND I found some socks, I also thought about many things that were in my mind. Like buying the perfect candle for my room and where to buy lavender candles.

Well those are questions to think about..

Love yah LOTS

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