All about the Shoes

When I wake up my first thought is Thank You God for another day! My second thought is what will I wear today. A women can have a million outfits and will always believe she has none. Its all about layering recycling and taking risk. Exsaclly why I love wearing a variation of what I wore the previous day, Its just so easy. So today my outfit was born by the inspiration of my thrifted children’s place blouse (yes its as easy to wear kids cloths as it is to wear men) and my Banana Republic wedges. I have had these Sandals for way to long well about 5 months without wearing them once. And they are actually comfortable, but not comfortable enough to walk 20 NYC blocks in them. Trust me I just did, and I have a blister to prove it. My skirt is from Free People. The pattern reminds me of an antique Tiffany Lamp.
Well to some up my long rants, what I want you to get from this post is- Yes getting dress is always a women hardest decision of the day.. depending on her perspective of life. But one way to make it so much easier is to pick an item. Look around your closet, do you have a pair of shoes your dieing to wear make that you staple and work around it. I saw my nude Banana Republic wedges I wanted to wear, so my next step was looking for a belt. I then  notice I have a skinny belt the same color. However, the belt only fits around my waist that automatically ruled out jeans for me. Then all I had to do was look for a skirt that matched my mood.
Wearing Nude shoes will always be a girls best friend, who doesn’t like the appearance of longer legs, I’m 5’5 not that short but also not that tall. But I love the way my legs look in these shoes. Whats your favorite pair of nude shoes?

Have a blessed day.. XOXO
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