Sneakers and Dresses

So I have a new addiction called Man Repeller, I absolutely love her blog her style. She is the definition of a perfect individual in my eyes.. So while getting ready for work I looked around my closet and said.. “How can I make my outfit a bit more man repelling”. I got the grate idea of wearing my strip sundress with sneakers.. OK OK its not that bad but I’m trying. And to say the truth it actually works, while tieing my keds my boyfriend told me “What are your doing? Wear sandals”. Mission completed!
Beside the fact that I was trying something new, I was actually very comfortable. It’s supper hot outside and the dress is long but it so much better than wearing jeans our supper short shorts. YOU JUST HAVE TO LOVE A SUN DRESS!

As you see I could have easily worn this with some nice flip flops gladiators or even heels, but no I wore sneakers… lol I also layered it with one of my fave Marc Jacobs quarter length shirts. Its linen which is a grate material for summer. I also get sun burns in arm so besides the usual SPF I like to wear shirts to cover them. Hope every one is having a blessed week.
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