There really not that bad

My Mondays are always a drag, they always make me regret not sleeping more on sundays. If you work and an office your used to the hectic post holiday rush. It seems like everyone has a problem something to say or just wants to have some type of problem to cry about. But as you will see in my up coming post i will give tips and advice on dealing with specific situation like crazy monday morning at work.
Today Monday was a crazy day but as I sat in my desk I took in a deep breath ad stared to work, work with love and desire. yes that sounds weird. But I just felt so grateful to actually have a job, i felt grateful for waking up this morning having the strength to walk, have breakfast. So i decided to give mondays a different meaning, instead of being a day of sorrow monday will be a day of grace.
I was also in a happy mood because i was dress in one of my favorite peplum shirts.

This coral cotton peplum shirt has to be one of my summer staples, O how i wish i had it in white. It is so light, supper comfortable and can easily be layered with anything. Today I decided to pair it with a vintage leather belt. The entire outfit was actually based of the belt. I love the gold detail and the croc!.
My army green pants are form ZARA also supper comfy. Perfect combination of clothing to wear in this bipolar NY weather. I love wearing shorts however i feel like my legs get to sticky. My neckless and bracelet are from le monet and my watch is Michael Kors my anchor earrings are form ALDO. 

After work, i slip in to this Banana Republic tribal print dress. Went for some frozen yogurt and finished my night in the piers. 
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