What have I been doing…

Life is full of the most unexpected things, you wake up every morning not knowing what the day will bring you. Im so blessed to say everything in my life seems to be in perfect order. Im more than happy with my self and how I have decided to carry my life, Im over the top excited that i’m done with my first year of college. Even more excited to be going to Dominica Republic in a couple weeks.!! But I have to say the best part of everything has been the simple fact of knowing that every step of the way I have the best man any one can ask for. We are dreamers lovers, and enthusiasts of our future.
Many more things have been happing in my personal life as well, but non matter because thru all God has helped me persevere.
So here are a few picture of what i have been up to..
I have so many blog post in mind for the Summer 🙂






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