The best thing of actually going shopping is styling what you bought! Many times I used to find myself not knowing what to wear or how to style what I bought. Yes blogs help me get ideas but the one thing that definitely works is buying outfits not just individual options. If your buying online style different outfits play around and pick one outfit, or two. Don’t go crazy buying tons of things you wont actually wear, but get something that you will love and look good in. If your in a store try on the outfits( yes its annoying) but you be happy when you get home.
So will Iwas at Zara instead of going crazy like normally, Ijust bought two outfits I love!
The Kardashians have made Peplum a go to elegant yet versatile option of clothing, you have the peplum skirt, shirt and dresses. I decided to get these lace peplum blouses in black and white because they are amazing. I can wear them out and look classy I can wear jeans and dress it down for school. As for the pants I fell in love with owl print on the pastel. I am not going to wear these yet but it is never to early to buy for spring. The army green pant are just fabulous. I love the way they cuff at the bottom, i can wear them with heels flats or wedges.
Hope you like the looks, cant wait to wear them and show you.
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