My skin care Routine

As a college student I am under constant stress which brakes me out, that means I have to switch up my skin care routine as many times as needed. My skin type is a combination of dry and oily, however I try to buy oil free products( I hate being shinny) . Now that it is winter time I have to find the specific products that will give me moister but wont be to oily. I have been using this products for more than two month now and can honestly say I love them. Each are different and work in wonderful ways. When using any specific skin care routine I try to only use one brand, simply because I believe they will work better.
What I Use
CLEAN AND CLEAR Deep exfoliating scrub- oil free
This exfoliator can be used in a daily basis. I started using this one because my Neutrogena Acne stress solution finished. Using it alone it was not working as I expected, however when i started using it with the CLEAN AND CLEAR Essentials deep cleansing toner, with salicylic acid acne medication -OIL FREE it started working to its full potential. I would not repurchase the wash with out the toner. For a moisturizer I use the CLEAN AND CLEAR dual action moisturizer OIL FREE/ salicylic acid medication. I do not have acne however the occasional stress or time of the month pimple bug me out so I use the CLEAN AND CLEAR Persa-gel 10, 10% benzoyl peroxide acne medication maximum strength. This is a great product to use sometimes not every day because it is over drying. I do use a combination of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide and it has been working great for me! Give the products a try and tell me how you like them.
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