November ELLE

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Magazines have always been my go to read for entertainment/ fashion advise, and ELLE is on my top 5. So I decided to share with you a couple of pages that really captured my attention. I will try to do this with my other favorite magazines as well. Would you like? On the November cover we have the gorgeous and famous Sarah Jessica Parker! She is just such an inspiration. Hard working and o so stylish. For this season we are going to be looking at White!! all over. White shoes, bags cloths. Most people say you can not wear white after labor day (Rule now Broken).

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I always seem to be switching skin care routines but now I have found the new best thing for my skin. Simple Skin care is cheap, good for the skin because it does not contain as much chemicals and is rich in vitamins. I am currently using the Light Moisturizer, cleaning wipe and facial scrub. And my face is looking great specially in this cold weather D54C0F8C-15AF-4C1A-A104-A50BA2405A9A-2325-0000020B217CD53C, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App 
 Is any one as excited as I am for SKY FALL! The New James Bond movie. OPI is always surprising us with their collections and creative names. Even tho I secretly think they are most times repeating the colors and changing the names. Whats your favorite OPI nail polish? 0738B73A-4B6E-43EE-ABE8-EE78DE50DBF2-2325-0000020B0DDCC4A4, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
On of my favorite You tube Gurus and I am pretty sure many of you will agree is Michelle Phan. I was so excited to read about her in this month ELLE. She deserves it for working so hard!

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